Lifestyle changes to rollback your biological age.


Your biological age is effected by the same risk factors that increase your risk for cancer and other health issues. Luckily lifestyle modifications can improve your health and longevity.


Six change to rollback your biological age


1/ Live an active lifestyle


An occasionally lazy day might feel good but don’t get too comfy on the couch. Longevity researchers have discovered that cells love movement. So much so that they recommend increasing your daily activity and the variety of activity you do.


2/ Eat just enough calories


A high calorie diet increases your metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate can accelerate aging and increase the free radicals linked to cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers. Researchers have discovered calorie restriction and intermittent fasting programs can slow the aging process and reduce the free radicals produced. Before starting a calorie restricted diet, consult your doctor.


3/ Eat some healthy fats


Eat the good types of fat but don’t eat too much fat. Excess fat consumption requires your body to store the unused fat. Fat stored on the body is linked to a number of different health conditions including heart disease as well as back and joint pain.


4/ Eat enough protein


If you’ve adopted a high protein diet, make sure you’re not overdoing it. According to the NIH, extra protein can impose a metabolic burden for your bones, kidneys, and liver. The diets may also be associated with increased risk for heart disease cancer.


5/ Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Nutritional deficiencies are the result of an unbalanced diet and reportedly, can result in Weightloss, fatigue, irritability and micro nutrient deficiency. According to the latest research, plant-based diets are the best for health and longevity. Choose a plant-based diet that works for your lifestyle and tweak it over time.


6/ Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins


Environmental toxins are artificial chemicals that can impair the functioning of your hormones. Excess exposure to environmental toxins can lead to cancer, heart problems, reproductive issues and many other disorders. Think about how you can limit your exposure and reduce your environmental footprint.



Four steps to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins



1/ Choose Paraben-free, Phthalate-free and BPA-free products when possible.


2/ Drink tap water rather than bottled water.


3/ Choose organic food over non-organic when possible.


4/ Choose natural cleaners for your home and garden.



Biological Clocks


Biological clocks may be used in the future to assess your health risks and your biological age. There are several tests that you can access now to evaluate your lifestyle changes.


1/ Face Clock 

2/ Psychological Clock

3/ Endocrine Clock

4/ Immune Clock

5/ Microbiome Clock


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